Social Media in 2017

2016 was a great year for social media. During this year, social media evolved rapidly. Many old features were improved, and many were also added.

Facebook, for example, made many improvements in 2016. Some of these changes were: update on the Facebook page layout, Facebook live, articles can now be accessed within Facebook, Facebook reactions, and others.

What to expect this year

In 2017, social media sites will surely improve and add more features. One of the reasons for this rapid improvement is the fact that competition between social media sites and applications are stiff.

Due to the heavy competition, social media sites struggle to improve as rapidly as possible. They take time to brainstorm on what their patrons needs, and address those needs as soon as possible.

This 2017, social media could focus more on improving their newly added features. They could also work on giving their old features a boost.

The popularity

There is one thing we have no doubt about: The increasing popularity of social media blogs. Nowadays pretty much everything revolves around social media platforms. It’s being used for everything, all the time. Just take a look at this Infographic.

Social Media 2017

Credits to MarketingStratexyX


Some possible social media changes this 2017

  • Live Streaming

In the field of marketing, Facebook, for example, could add improvements on its live streaming feature. Facebook Live has been a tremendous advantage to many social media marketers.

Many big companies and small-scale entrepreneurs have used Facebook Live to promote their products. Although this feature was introduced only in 2016, it has become an effective marketing and advertising tool.

Due to its major success, Facebook could add many improvements to make this feature more appealing and catchy.

  • Messaging applications

Messaging applications have become a vital part of today’s society. Many people are relying on these applications to communicate with distant relatives and friends.

The most cost-effective way to communicate nowadays is to use these applications. Indeed, these applications have saved many people from expensive long-distance calls.

Due to their growing importance, these messaging applications will definitely be improved this 2017. Surely, your Facebook Messenger will be a lot different this year.

Social media has made many positive contributions to the society.  It connects people, and helps them build lasting friendships and relationships.

With Facebook and Twitter, you can easily share to your friends and followers your thoughts. Indeed, social media gives you the feeling of companionship.

Since social media has become a major influence to the society, its rapid change and evolution from time to time is unstoppable.