A Parent’s Guide To Moviestarplanet

A Parent's Guide To Moviestarplanet

It’s a crazy hype among kids: Moviestarplanet. An online web-based game where kids indulge in a virtual movie star life where they create a digital version of themselves and life the movie star life.

Just like in the real world, the virtual world of MSP (Moviestarplanet) is all about fame, stardom, appearance and friends. It’s a very social experience where the players can add their friends, enter chat rooms and engage in various mini-games.

The digital currency in the MSP world is Starcoins, Diamonds and Fame. Players can use this currency to purchase cosmetic items for their avatar, such as various apparel customizations.

However, this game is not entirely free to play. Players can become MSP Vip to unlock extra features and items in the game. Because as I mentioned before, it’s all about stardom and appearance. So if you have exclusive items, you’ll be much more recognised within the game.

Players have to pay to become a VIP, but there are various websites online where players can use a so called Moviestarplanet Vip hack.
However, using these hacks is not endorsed by MSP itself, in fact; it’s against their rules!

But why is this game such a massive success? It’s because this game simulates the real life, and enables players to see what it’s like to be a superstar. Something that most players will most likely not be able to ever see in real life.

But this does come with some dangers; some players get addicted to Moviestarplanet because the virtual life seems a lot cooler than the reality. And also, most of their friends play it too. So it’s just a social experience, right?

This way, players keep spending money on virtual in-game items just to feel a little better. So if your kids are playing MSP, just make sure to keep an eye out! 😉