A Newcomers Guide To Twitter

What is Twitter?

A communication service called Twitter debuted in March 2006. The creators were formerly co-employees, namely Jack Dorsey, Noah, Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams. They launched Twitter in July that same year.

Twitter is one of the social media platforms where users share their thoughts, feelings, news, and other information in 140 characters of text or less. It is an influential channel of expressing yourself because you have to do it in a limited number of characters.

How Does it Work?

Twitter is an informal platform that is composed only of 140-character messages termed as ‘tweets’. It is very simple to use. First, know the basics of creating an account. Signing up is quite easy and simple, and it’s free.

Interested users can simply go to the site create an account. Simply fill in the sign-up form with your name, email address, and password. It is recommended to use your real name so that others will easily recognize you and will not consider you as a spammer. Upload a photo to your profile. Again, it is recommended to upload your own photo. You can then follow your friends, families, and even celebrities. The best part is that you can now start tweeting.

Why Engage Yourself to Twitter

Aside from the apparent uses of Twitter in connecting you with friends and families, letting you meet new people, and keeping you well-informed of recent news, here are some more reasons why you should engage on Twitter:

  • With Twitter, you can ‘follow’ popular people.

These are the people you admire. They may be Hollywood celebrities, popular singers, great writers, and anyone who captures your interest. Sadly, not all of us get the chance to meet them in person.

Interestingly in Twitter, you can ‘follow’ them. You may able to gather information like what are they doing, where they are, or what will be their next projects. Twitter creates an illusion that you are part of these people’s personal lives.

  • It is one of the sources for current events.

As tweeting can be easily done, you can express what is happening faster than any news outlet. For example, if you are witnessing a major sports event in real time, you can share updates with your followers just at it happens.

You can utilize Twitter as a source for breaking news as well. By following news media outlets, news reporters, and broadcasters, you can get the freshest information on a story before it reaches the newspaper.

  • Twitter is a platform for tracking online trends.

Twitter is also a good resource to know what is trending. For example, if a video in YouTube goes viral, it will easily spread online through Twitter. If an innovative gadget was launched, you will gain an idea about it through Twitter. If a Hollywood star has done or said something that is newsworthy, it will surely come out on Twitter.

Your own tweet may go viral as well. This may lead you to popularity in the online world which may give you endless opportunities to be known worldwide and make your own name in the modern, internet-savvy world.

  • Can help you in marketing your business.

Twitter is a powerful means for companies to promote their products. Twitter can act as your business’ digital billboard, a great advertising platform. It can also act as a networking tool, a traffic driver to your website, and a lead generator.

This social networking site can be one of your powerful marketing tools. It absolutely does not have to cost you anything much more than your precious time and a great strategy in mind.

There are endless benefits of being to using this social networking site. You need to explore everything it can offer.

Never miss an important breaking news again!